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Lions Club of Eildon

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia


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Club news


    Our club was very fortunate in obtaining a large amount of logs left over from the 2009 bush fire clearing. They are situated on a grazing property and have to be removed by August. Our members will be cutting, splitting and stacking the wood in our yard for our four wood raffles each year as well as giving to those who are needy.
    We had our first wood raffle this morning, next Saturday we will draw and deliver in the EiIdon area. After the first raffle is drawn we have three wood raffles over six weeks each one drawn every second week. "Good Luck".

  • Eildon Museum

    Thursday the16th of May 2013 the deconsicrated Anglican church of Eildon was moved for the second time, the first time was approximately 1953 for the construction of the second Eildon Weir Wall. The church was constructed by voluntary labour in 1915 and is the oldest building in Eildon apart from the make shift morgue built for the construction of the first weir wall.
    The Lions Club of Eildon in partnership with Eildon Action group in which many members of the lions club are also members have taken on the moving of the church to create a museum to house the many relics left over from the grazing, gold mining and the timber industry of the area.
    This project will be one of many projects that the Eildon lions have ,and is estimated that it will take the next two years to complete. The building will need re-roofing but any changes during restoration will be in keeping of the original building.
    Anybody wishing to donate articles or relics or simply to donate to the project please write to Dick McKernan PO Box 111 Eildon 3713.

    The building has been moved and re-stumped. The new roof is finished, a complete rewire has been done and sanding is nearly finished on the outside weather boards.
    An enclosed walkway has been designed to link the Information Centre with the Museum and will be started Feb-March 2014.

    On moving the old church the original front doors were found these were given to our Men's shed to re-store which they have and a good job too. These have been installed, sanding is nearly finished except for the windows, these were removed so that the old putty can be removed. Re-nailing the weather boards has commenced.
    We need helpers to do painting if you can help please ring Dick 5774 2667, Frank 5774 2773 or Michael 5774 2674.

    We have just pulled down three levels of brickies scaffold, after giving the old building four coats of paint after completely sanding 98 years of old paint from the hardwood weather boards which would have been milled straight from the forest many years ago.
    We have been fortunate in getting extra help from Lion members and also local community members, which has made the difference to the progress of our project. At this point we have to thank Murray Goulburn Water for the donated use of their scaffold, a huge saving in costs to the project.
    We have started inside in restoring the old fibrous plaster ready for painting, it has worked out just right with the weather as winter approaches. Things will slow down soon as our Easter Market is coming up, after it is over back into it.
    Market out of the road it is back into the Museum. We have finally have a builder to start the undercover walk way to join the Information Centre with the Museum. Inside the old building the walls of the kitchen have been straightened and plaster has been hung, stump lay out has been done and stump holes will be drilled on Monday 28th. Lion members will organize stump holes as well as inspection prior to the start of the sub-floor construction.

  • Lions Big River Youth Bush Camp.

    Our camp can sleep up to 45 people, it has all of the amenities that any group booking would need. Added to this it is placed in a natural bush setting 40 minute drive from Eildon on the Eildon to Jamieson road.
    We have fishing, hunting, of-road bike, and family groups who use the camp as well as small groups who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For bookings please ring Christine (03) 5774 2011.

    We have just finished re-stumping the entire building, a new septic system has been installed and cladding has started on the outside to replace the old weather boards.

    Hiring of the camp is very strong, 2014 is already nearly booked out but there are sometimes cancellations, so please ring to check.

    We have just done some repairs to our Cummins generator which gives 240 volt power to the building. This is used for the power points only, as we have solar power for lighting through out.

    2014 will see cladding go onto part of the building, with the rest when finances come to hand.

  • Eildon Lions "Biggest BBQ"

    On Saturday 27th April 2013 our club organized what is known in lion circles as "Lions Biggest BBQ", the BBQ is run by lions clubs over all of Australia in April raising money for Childhood Cancer Research. We would like to thank the people of Eildon and our visitors who contributed generously to this worthy cause, the amount raised was $1240.00. It was such a great success we will be doing it again next April 2014. A special mention to the Eildon Craft Shop for donating $530.00.

    This year 2014 we will once again be having "Lions Biggest BBQ" in April in our Shopping Village on the week-end after our Saturday Easter Market.

    We have this year (2014) a committee to organize the the "Lions Biggest BBQ" in Eildon, and we look forward to you in supporting a worthy cause.

    To-day we had our "Lions Biggest BBQ" in the beautiful Eildon Village. Once again the Eildon public and visitors supported a worthy cause as well as enjoying a locally made sausage in locally made bread with onions. All money raised will go towards childhood cancer research. Thank you to every body for supporting our "BBQ".

District news

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    Lions National Celebration / Picnic Day on Sunday March 15th

    Have you heard about the Lions National celebration/picnic day on March 15?

    The aim of the day is for Lions to take a break from fundraising and working to enjoy some time together with their family, friends, and fellow club members. Sometimes we can be so busy working we forget how to have fun!

    The day also has public relations goals in terms of showing others (and reminding ourselves!) that Lions are a friendly and approachable bunch of people who enjoy having fun together. The camaraderie and sense of belonging that people get from being a Lion is sometimes overlooked, and should be celebrated as much as we celebrate our community service projects.

    For more information on how to get involved with the picnic day simply click on the link below.

    More details: /files/201v5/e-20150203-picnic-invite1.pdf

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    District Peace Poster finalists on display at NAB Southland & Doncaster branches

    Check out the 201V5 District Peace Poster finalists at selected NAB branches:

    NAB, Doncaster Shopping Centre from Monday 24th November to Saturday 29th November 2014

    NAB Southland Shopping Centre, 1st - 8th December .

    More details: http://201v5.lions.org.au/Peace%20Poster

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    Wantirna Club receives Aston Community Award

    Lions Club of Wantirna was recently recognised for its contribution to the community by being a finalist in the Community Group section of the 2014 Aston Community Awards.

    Lion Siva Sivagnanam also received an award in the Senior Volunteer Section.

    Pictured L-R: Siva Sivagnanam, Alan Tudge MP, Federal Member for
    Aston, Paul Garvey Club Secretary.

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    Slit-lamp Upgrade for the Australian College of Optometry

    Some months ago the Emergency Department of the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg donated a very expensive piece of equipment (a slit-lamp used in intense eye examination) to Lions for an upgrade and reinstatement to a worthy recipient.

    The Vermont Lions Club through Lion Damien Ziebell took up the challenge and financed the $2,500 upgrade to LED lamps.

    On Monday evening the 22nd September Dr Jamie Hendrie of the Austin handed the completed slit-lamp over to Ms Genevieve Napper of the Australian College of Optometry who provides low cost eye-care services to eligible Victorians through clinics in the Melbourne metropolitan area and in particular Aboriginal Services in rural Victoria run by a network of private optometrists.

    Congratulations to the Vermont Club and Lion Damien for completing the project.

    Pictured is Genevieve Nappere, Damien Ziebell and Dr Jamie Hendrie.

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    New LCIF Video Released

    See how your support of LCIF delivers on the needs of people around the globe.

    One of the most important ways that Lions make a difference in their communities and the world is through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the official charitable organisation of Lions Clubs International.

    With funding from LCIF, Lions carry out large-scale humanitarian projects in their community. Every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly toward a grant, as administrative costs are paid by interest on investments. Lions’ support of the
    Foundation is critical, as donations from Lions provide the majority of LCIF’s revenue.

    Since LCIF began in 1968, it has awarded more than 10,268 grants totaling more than US$729 million. Together, Lions and LCIF are making a difference for millions of people. “We Serve” better together.

    LCIF grants go toward Lions sight services, disaster relief, health initiatives and more. Support LCIF and make a difference.


    More details: http://youtu.be/fhUMr4HuVT0

  • Licola Open Day on November 1st.

    At this stage we intend to run a bus trip to and from Licola, but this will depend on how many Lions and friends would like to come. Costs will depend on the numbers but we would expect it to be $50.00 or less.

    Please do not leave it to the last minute to book, as quite a bit of forward planning is necessary to arrange the bus. As a matter some urgency please let Ian Bjorkman know if you are interested ianbjorkman49@hotmail.com

  • The August issue of the ANZI Forum 2014 Newsletter

    Learn the latest news on the ANZI Forum 2014 in Adelaide. Download it by clicking on the following link.
    More details: http://201v5.lions.org.au/files/201v5/ANZI%20Forum%20Newsletter%20August%202014.pdf

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    A Final Message from DG Chandra Mangalore

    Dear Fellow Lions Family Members:

    The year that was – Usha and I have thoroughly enjoyed our year. Looking back now, I wonder how I accomplished so many Lions tasks and became a grandparent as well!

    As District Governor I had unparalleled fabulous guidance and assistance from all Cabinet Officers and Lions in the District 201V5. Usha and I thank all of you for making the job a pleasure when it could have been more onerous.

    I will be working with Incoming 2014-2015 District Governor Alan Fluck and District Officers to fulfil the tasks which I have failed to accomplish, the formation of a few more new Clubs. I shall try to form a Korean Club with help of Carnegie Lions and GMT Team.

    Usha and I thank you all for the wonderful year we had and the part in which you have played – our memories of this wonderful experience will linger for many years to come.

    DG Chandra

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    Seymour Goulburn Lion Carol Smith awarded Citizen of the Year

    When Seymour’s Carol Smith heard former president John F. Kennedy speak when she was growing up in the United States, it changed her whole perspective on life.

    His famous quote: ‘‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’’ spurred a decision to volunteer her spare time for the community.

    Mrs Smith’s dedication has been recognised when she was awarded the Mitchell Shire Citizen of the Year award at the 2014 Australia Day ceremony in Kilmore.

    ‘‘I’m very honoured for the recognition and I appreciate all the work the Lions do in the community,’’ she said.

    Mrs Smith said volunteering gave her a great sense of satisfaction and allowed her to give something back to the community.

    More details: http://www.mmg.com.au/local-news/seymour/tireless-volunteer-honoured-1.66605#

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    DG Chandra's Update - So much done, so much to do – with enthusiasm…

    Dear Fellow Lions Family Members, well it is the same every year, we find ourselves busy with the wind-up to Christmas and then we blink and it’s finished! So, with Christmas and NewYear holidays behind us now, I’m hopeful that all our Lion families had wonderfully happy, memory-making celebrations. Usha and I certainly enjoyed company of our family members, especially our two month old granddaughter, Indigo. Although Indigo’s participation wasn’t very much this year, we are looking forward to her eating the wrapping next year and getting to know Father Christmas!

    We note that many Lions worked hard selling our Christmas cakes/puddings and distributing Christmas hampers to the needy, again bringing Christmas cheer to them.My best wishes to all to have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. In Chinese astrology it will be the Year of the Horse – people born in the Year of the Horse know how to work hard and party hard – this is a good omen for us all.

    I must thank all Cabinet Officers for their contribution to the District and Lions in general, however, in particular I thank Lorna for her contribution as Treasurer for the first six months of this Lion year. However, Lorna has recognised that she doesn’t have enough time to devote to the tasks involved, so reluctantly I have accepted her resignation. It is to my great delight Lin Byron agreed to be Cabinet Treasurer for the rest of this year ending 30th June 2013.

    We had a fantastic Convention at Marysville. I cannot thank enough the Convention Organising Committee who has worked very hard to put on a grand show. International visitors appreciated the fellowship and hospitality shown by us and were very impressed with our various projects. I must thank PDG Phil and Lorna who accompanied the visitors and looked after them.

    Our Peace Poster Chairman, Rod Moss as usual did a good job. I thank him for his dedication and hard work.

    All of my Club visits have been very enjoyable – I now only have 14 Clubs remaining (to be visited). Usha and I are delighted to meet somany wonderful Lions who are friendly, hard-working and do a tremendous amount of community service. The public is not aware of the scope of services we do and it is worrying matter how to rectify this situation. I am open to any suggestions.

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    Licola Update

    It's been a busy and productive year at Licola, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have been involved in any way in this great Lions project. Your “time, labour and means” has been very much in the spirit of Lionism, and has been very much appreciated. We hope that 2014 is a great new year for us all.

    To our staff at Licola, thank you for your dedication to Licola’s ideals, we could not achieve what we do without you. The condition of the camp is the best it’s ever been, and the quality and professionalism of programs is well known and reflected in the continued repeat bookings from year to year.

    The completion of Houses 15 and 16 is imminent, and it will prove to be well worth the considerable time and effort that a number of people have put in over a long period of time. It will be a brilliant resource for our special needs campers for many years to come.

    Dates for Special Needs Adventure Camps 2014

    District 201 N4 Special Needs Camp: Saturday 12th to Thursday 17th April.
    District 201 V6 Special Needs Camp: Tuesday 22nd to Sunday 27th April.
    District 201 V3 Special Needs Camp (Up to 18 years of age): Mon 12th – Wed 14th May.

    All information can be found www.licola.org.au – Lions drop down menu – Lions Sponsored Camps.

    More details: www.licola.org.au

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    Peace Poster Competition Winners Announced!

    The District Winner this year was Max Freeman, Age 13 years from Brighton Grammar. Max was sponsored by the Lions Club of Sandringham and presented with the District Plaque at the final end-of-the-year school assembly on Wednesday 11th December.

    The National Winner this year was Sophie age 12, sponsored by the Lions club of Casterton, District 201V2. The Highly Recommended poster was by Samantha age 13, sponsored by the Lions club of Booragoon, District 201W2.

    More details: http://201v5.lions.org.au/Peace%20Poster

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